Bodamís roots reach back to 1970 when Werner C. Petzold started selling Italian made broom manufacturing equipment throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa as well as in Australia and New Zealand. From these beginnings and learning from his father, Carlos Petzold founded Bodam in 1986, representing Borghi brush manufacturing machinery and also continuing to serve his fatherís customers regarding broomcorn processing and broomcorn broom manufacturing equipment.

Not forgetting its humble beginnings, Bodam grew in the late 1980ís and throughout the 1990ís setting record sales year after year up through the turn of the century and millennium for Borghi brush manufacturing equipment. However, with all of this growth, Bodam understood the need to take good care of its customers via a world class service company to provide customersí with spare parts and technical support.

In the year 2000, a sister company was formed dedicated to providing service for the existing customer base and all future customers. This company is Borghi USA that stocks thousands of spare parts and is well staffed to provide technical support, training and customer service to meet the needs of customers located throughout the USA and Canada.

Bodamís product offerings are ever growing. Today Bodam represents the following companiesÖ

Borghi s.p.a., located in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy, manufactures machinery for the production of staple-set brooms and brushes, anchor-set brushes, strip brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes, mops and specialty paint brushes.

Carnevali Dino

Carnevali Dino s.a.s., located in Casalbellotto (Cremona) Italy, produces equipment for trimming and finishing all kinds of brushes.

Techno Plastic s.r.l., located in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy, manufactures machinery for the production of Monofilaments used in the brush industry made from the following polymers: PET, PP, PE, PS, SAN, PBT. Techno Plastic also specializes in Extrusion Lines for the production of STRAPPING BANDS made from recycled PET material.

Unimac s.r.l., located in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy, produces machinery and technology used to manufacture twisted knot power brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, wafer brushes as well as quality control equipment for power brushes, machinery to convert wire from spools to cut-to-length bundles as well as equipment for crimping wire to be fed into power brush machinery. Unimac also specializes in complete production lines or specific-use machinery to produce fixed metal handles that are either, powder coated or plastic coated, as well as equipment for extension handles (telescopic handles). Unimacís tube-mill can also be used in other applications to produce metal tubes for other products.